The 17GenR Noise Generator == A hardware (very little code) 'random number' generator using 'sin'. It uses Nyquist's Theorem and samples 'sin' at very high frequency, thus producing noise. To my suprise, it worked. Using the Floating Point Unit (FPU) instruction 'sin' to generate 'random' numbers. Here it is: ================================================================================ #define GENR 1717.17 float magic = 0.; void _17GenR_init(float x, float y) { magic = mod(GENR * fract(time) * (x + 1.) + y, GENR); } #define _17GenR (magic = sin(magic *= magic)) ================================================================================ It looks remarkably like TV (Television) static when rendered. What follows is the code to view 17GenR. Or you can go to to see an example of it in action. -- Burton Samograd Discussions: == $ cat <<'EOF' > tv-static.html EOF